Sunday, September 1, 2013


As I mentioned it, I was back to Porvoo to do some tutor duties for our school, I was elected to be an exchange student tutor this past spring which meant I basically had to go meet the incoming exchange students at the airport, show them their apartments, and help them out on orientation week which is Wednesday to Friday. Also of course whatever help they needed while living in Finland I try my best to help out.

Luckily for me, my good friend and classmate Sebastien also was elected as a tutor so on my down time in Porvoo I had someone I could hang out with as school's had not started yet then so there wasn't really people around. Me and Seb went to eat and just hung out around Porvoo as the weather was great and I can maybe finally understand why people say Porvoo is a great summer city, as we ate on the famous river and strolled around old town.
Also Firday we headed over to Helsinki as the exchange students had orientation and a sightseeing tour arranged for them, during that me and Seb did some shopping.

Oh, and I have to mention this, I recently broke my ipohne's front screen (again) and taking it to a place to repair for 100+ euros wasn't an option this time so I went on ebay and ordered a new screen fro 25e(shipping included)! Thankfully Seb knew how to change them as it is really complicated with little bits and parts. However, my point is that if you break the back or front screen buy online a new one, its so much more worth it and you can get plenty other colors also!

now the front screen is white, with a black button and back screen black! Im going to maybe order a gold back screen hehe

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