Sunday, September 1, 2013

AYIA NAPA! (3/3)

Now the best for the last!
Yes me and Juho went to Ayia Napa, Cyprus on the 23.8 and came back early mornig this Saturday. All I can say is I wouldn't mind going back, my body is saying no but every other part of me wants back. So basically as you could imagine it was a very drunken and boozy trip. Ayia Napa is a great party place with lots of young people and activities are arranged from day time to night time in the clubs and bars.
Me and juho's or my day consisted of late night partying sleeping maybe five hours (if that) going out to hang around town and wait for Juho to wake up or then wake him up. Then we would go eat, go hangout at the beach, do some shopping and so on and then go out to party again. We also rented some scooters for couple days to check out the whole of Ayia Napa.
On one of the days we also went on a party boat where you basically go on a boat with hundred something other people for five hours, they have two bars, music, contest's, event's and two or three swimming stops in the see through water, loved it!
On our journey we partied with some British guys, Swedish, Norwegian and so on. Mainly we made good friends with a group of Swedish guys on basically the first night and from then on we spent every night with them. Also it helped that our hotel was somewhat of a party hotel so you could basically go on strangers doors and get to know them by walking in.

Who wouldn't want to go out everyday in shorts, tank top and drink cheap cocktails.


  1. Ihania kuvia Kyprokselta ja Porvoostakin...soitan sinulle maanantai-iltana, niin saat kertoa lisää, jooko??

  2. Bro, i hate you! Heheh no, not really. I just don´t approve of the way youre flaunting these awesome pics of your awesome holiday in awesome napa! Arg!!
    The trip sounds really good! i wanna go, but I think I might be too old(haha yea right)for a trip like this! :))

    1. well no, but yea maybe you would be haha. it was AWESOME!