Monday, June 17, 2013


hey hooo. So today I've come to realize some thing's and I've had a very random day on my own here at home just thinking about stuff going on in my life right now. What I concluded from all this.....I want to be a more positive with what I have and stop worrying about stuff that I shouldn't let affect me and let loose, and what better time for this is SUMMER!
It's been a really gloomy last week with rain and what not, last week I met up with friends and my buddies I haven't seen for what seems like ages (all my friends studying and living overseas particularly), so that's where my week went and work. Oh, and of course on Friday we went with Niko and Juho to see A$AP Rocky at Circus and it was SICK!! 

I decided to make this post more summer heavy and oriented, basically pictures of me, what and where I have been during the sunnier days of this summer so far! and for everyone else I hope you guys can just reinforce on the positive in your lives and just make this summer just like you should make every summer never forgetful , take risk's, do dumb shit, have fun and best of all share that all with your loved ones! (p.s. my family is finally coming to Finland for the summer vacation this Tuesday, super stoked!)

As for this week it's midsummer on the weekend and as I said earlier, i'm heading off to Juho's cottage again with all my buddies on Thursday evening as Friday is a national holiday over here in Finland. I suppose i'll put my new found ''positiveness'' into full effect!

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