Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hey, I'm back from my midsummer's trip or well have been for a couple days and I'll post about that later on this week (PROMISE!). In the mean time you I just have to talk about this since it's a huuuuuuuuge deal for me.

As you are aware my family came back last week and I decided to pay a visit for them straight from my midsummer's trip as I couldn't imagine anything better than coming home to mom and some home cooked food (not that there was food really, it's okay mom) and just being around the family since I haven't lived with them since 2009. Granted my family is kind of all over the place, little brother outside the whole day coming in late, dad working overseas and so on. But at least there's my little sister mom and our dog so it's nice and peaceful.
I just decided to do this quick post as I stayed over Sunday and Monday night and hoping (fingers crossed haha) that my mom let's me stay over more often like this as it's a nice change up from Juho's and he's families home.

Oh and so I don't forget my mom is having a sale of her.....''interior stuff'' (sorry mom again) in Helsinki , cant remember the location...my god I'm horrible at this but I know my mom's selling at 10am-1pm on Sunday since I've promised to help her out there! Just check her blog it's on the left side here and if not i'll update about it during this week!


I can't get enough of her...seriously!



  1. Yeah when u gonna come visit your big sis?? Huh?
    Awww the pics of Bea are sooooooo adorable!!! <3