Monday, June 10, 2013


Last weekend I spent my first weekend away from the city at Juho's cottage (mökki) in Orivesi near Tampere, and all I can say is, I really needed that! I love it, ever since I've been young I spent mostly all my summers at my own cottage and lately I haven't been going other than with friends couple times in the summer and  the occasional winter visit. I don't know why but I love being in the forest near a lake or sea where you get to grill your own food, warm the sauna with wood that you chop yourself, get water from the lake and just doing all the small chores that don't feel like chores at all. Of course being in my (eerhhhm) prime age we do unfortunately a lot of drinking there also but it's all part of the good times and memories (or whatever's left haha)

Other than being at the cottage Friday through Sunday, on Saturday we went to Tampere to meet up with a few friends and just hangout in general and enjoy the sunny day. We stopped for the necessary ice cream and just strolled through Hämeenkatu (main street in Tampere). I don't know what it is about Tampere but I really like it and I've been there only a few times! Anyways great weekend and can't wait to go back there in under two week's again with friends for Midsummer's (Juhannus).









  1. Nice pics! Yeah I really like Tampere too. We were there with Anssi summer 2011 for 4 nights. Stayed at the cumulus(pic #3).
    It was a good trip!
    I´m glad you still enjoy going to "summer cottages". ME TOO!! They´re the right places to relax :)

  2. IHANA KESÄMIES!!! Upeita kuvia...just wonderful pics!!
    See you soon my ESPOO!!