Monday, July 1, 2013


As I promised I would update about my Midsummer's trip to Juho's cottage with a bunch of my buddies and everyone else's, I am here to deliver it. I'm not going to say a lot other than, there was lot's of eating, laughing, saunaing, sun bathing, boating, drinking and all the other must do's that go with Midsummer's. We had a blast!

I'll try to come up with another post about my mom's sale last weekend and other stuff that's been going on, but I cant promise (finger's still crossed though!) , as I have a lot of running around to do as I'm promoting lot's of club nights in Helsinki. I have the task of selling some ticket's for this Thursday's 4th of July Party in if anyone's interested just hit me up and I'll be there myself of course!


  1. You really had a nice time with your friends...ihania kesäkuvia, tuo uimakuva on mieletön...

    1. olin just hypänny veneest ku tultii rantaa ja uin sitte loppu matkan haha

  2. Awesome pics! Looks like alotta fun! Really like the water pic too that mom mentioned!!