Saturday, July 27, 2013


For so long I wanted to post about this new spring jacket I bought (half with mom's money of course haha). It's a Makia jacket and I have a good feeling I will be wearing this jacket a lot. I love Makia's jacket collection as I have one of their winter coats. This one is long which is perfect for those cold autumn day's and I can fit good amount of clothing underneath so I if wanted I can wear it deep into the autumn/early winter, however it is perfect for these cold summer day's Finland surprisingly often has.



  1. Hei, takki on UPEA...pikku-veljesi olisi mielellään ottanut tuon samaisen takin jos vain olisi saanut. Et siis ole Merpäivillä vaan Tampereella, hyvää viikonloppua, pian tavataan!
    Hauska päivitys tuo edellinen!!!

  2. Heh yhdyn. kivat kuvat myös edellisessä poustauksessa. Takki on todella makee!!