Friday, August 9, 2013


Last weekend I managed to go out tonight's in a row, first on Friday we went to Tiger to celebrate Juho's birthday, then Saturday I went out with my co-workers to Summer heat and of course there was bunch of other friends as well present. Sunday was maybe the greatest day in a while. We went over to our old maid's place, Pook and she cooked us a wonderful Thai lunch that I've missed so much and afterwards at Juho's place he was celebrating his birthday with his co-workers and they had a barbecue, so naturally I ate a lot on Sunday.

yes we are aware of the double chin haha


As for this week, my holiday started with the ending of my job today! I have now three weeks of vacation which will include, going back to Porvoo to take care of tutor duties, Weekend Festival and our trip to Ayia Napa. Cyprus! I can't wait. Oh, and as for this week I've just mainly worked and managed to get in couple rounds of golf, anyhow I think I will take this weekend easy and just charge up my batteries for the upcoming fun! (sorry for all the blabbing haha).


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  1. Kunnon päivityspläjäys...kapakkakuvat ovat kivat!!
    Myöhästyneet synttärionnittelut Juholle!!