Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Back in Mid March I headed off to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. This was my first backpack trip, I actually bought a serious backpack for this trip (which I still use till this day). I've basically never done serious backpacking still till this day, I'm sure it's a hoot and a half. The purpose of this trip was to do a Visa run because in Thailand you have to get your passport stamped every four months either by going to the government offices and waiting all day or on the border, so why wouldn't we take this opportunity to backpack out of the country. We took the train to the border from Bangkok, hopped on multiple other vehicles between the border and our destination before finally arriving at the capital. From an overall perspective Vientiane is a very quiet capital, it's obviously less developed than Bangkok and there's not too many people around.
We stayed in a hotel (against backpacking rules) for the sole reason because it was cheap. Basically we spent our day looking at temples because the city has plenty of them and good ones too and driving our motorbikes around the city. There wasn't honestly that much to do so two days went by really fast.

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