Monday, July 27, 2015


Hi there!

It's been a while since I have done anything here , however now i'm back as you can see!

I'll make this re-introduction brief and straight to the point, so I am currently in Thailand where I arrived in January for my mandatory half-year exchange semester abroad as part of my ongoing studies back home in Finland, and yes I am still here and its already August almost as you might know. Why? Well I also have a mandatory half year internship that I have to complete and what better place than Thailand since I was here already, okay that wasn't entirely true, I always had the intention of returning here since I have strong ties to this part of the world having lived here previously on two different occasions for a total of seven years and of course ten years in total in South East Asia.

As my internship I am currently working as a sort of resident blogger for an upcoming website that I will reveal later on, it currently has had its soft opening and will go fully public in September, the same guys run a very successful website for tourists who wish to visit Thailand (sorry its in Finnish), but fear not the upcoming website will be fully in Englsih and a few other languages. My work has enabled me to travel around Thailand and given me the privilage to call it work. Basically everywhere I go and what I do is an opportunity for me to call work so I take pictures and write about it.

Now the writings and pictures have been piling up on my hard-drive and I intend to share them with all of you and myself to look back on something. All the travels have taken place in the last half year or so, its not all too informational but rather my own feeling and take on everything.

Feel free to follow my blog and I hope this inspires some of you to come and visit this part of the world. If you have any questions just hit me up!

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