Monday, July 27, 2015


In beginning of April we did a trip down south to the island of Koh Phangan with the intention of attending the world famous full moon party, which basically is a party held once a month when there is a full moon. For some this was the party to be at during our exchange tenure, so there was somewhere around thirty of us exchange students heading there.  I personally took the trip down with a train to Surat Thani leaving Wednesday evening and arriving early Thursday morning, then taking the bus from Surat Thani to the pier where we hopped on board the ferry that headed towards Koh Phangan going through Koh Samui on the way. Now this trip took a total of 17hours which sounds like a long trip but personally after taking the bus back the whole way through I can say that stick with the train if you can get a sleeper cart (meaning second or first class) and price wise its couple hundred baht cheaper.

Upon arrival in Koh Phangan our hotel was situated all the way on the other side island as the location of the full moon was on the other side, we were pretty skeptical to be honest at this point as it was so far away. However once we arrived at the Starlight resort all these doubts were erased. Our hotel was at the best possible location and this was verified throughout the trip. Our hotel had an infinity type pool that opened up straight to the white sandy beaches and lagoon in the Thong Nai Pan Yai beach area. Our hotel was called the Starlight Resort, with very basic but more than acceptable rooms (considering we didn’t spend time in the rooms anyways).

Next to our hotels reception there was a minimart with all the basic necessities and down the road there was a seven-eleven if the minimart wasn’t enough. Also on both sides of our hotel there was one beach side restaurant and on the other side a more swanky type restaurant/bar with delicious pizza and a pool table to spend the evenings or even during the day if the sun gets too hot. Personally this location was the most ideal for anyone looking to get away from all the noise and commotion that the Full Moon Party brings with, it was quiet no tourists running around and the beach was one of the cleanest I’ve seen in Thailand. As we settled in we mostly spent our days alternating between the beach and pool, and if hunger took over we just walked over to one of the restaurants.  This was how Thursday was spent, few others who went on to check out the local ‘’it’’ parties such as the jungle party took the long (and expensive) trip there but came away only disappointed as the trip there, entrance, drinks and overall vibe was not good from what I heard. After a while living in Thailand you begin to notice the difference between tourist prices and regular prices and this is a very big turnoff for me. Some people of course enjoy these more touristy parties as they are good and the atmosphere can be great but I’m more old/school in that sense that I just stay away from them for the most part.

As Friday rolled around we were all ready for the main event for everyone on the island, the Full Moon Party! Around 15 of us hopped into the pick-up truck and others took their rented motorbikes to the full moon party location. Once there, there were street food stands, bucket stands and body painting spots everywhere. This was all away from the beach where the full moon party itself was; we grabbed some food and drinks and headed to the beach. The beach itself is very long but was packed especially in front of the different bars/clubs where the music blares on to the beach and dancing people. There were also live music stages but I never made it that far. Overall it was what one might expect, lots of tourists some Thai people all wearing neon clothing and bathing suits and body paintings dripping off from the sheer amount of sweating. If u looks beyond the partying the beach was littered with trash and people took bathroom breaks straight into the ocean. The atmosphere was great and especially that we were in a big group with people we knew it was fun. However I was in the group of first people to leave so no all-night all morning dancing and partying for me and no watching the sunset from the beach, I was off to bed  ‘’early’’.  

Saturday we got back to our routine of just pool side hanging out knowing the next morning we will leave this paradise. While taking a dip or two in the ocean, eating well and just soaking in the sun and the pure atmosphere of hanging around on the quiet white beach, I couldn’t help but think at this point that I must come back and soon! I made the decision there and then that I will be back very soon to this very location as it is by far the best spot I have been at during my tenure in Thailand so far (knowing there are more great spots to discover of course). 

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