Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I was thinking (and strongly urged by a few) to put pictures of what i wear since I did mention I like my own style. Im going to have to apologize for the amount of selfie's haha. So these photos are from last summer all the way till now and maybe will give you some insight of what i like to wear.

Looking through these photos I noticed a couple thing's, I really love sleeveless shirts and wearing something over them (especially during the summer). I recently got back into sweaters and I love wearing hoodie's to school and so on. Yes im style conscious but I still dont mind wearing hoodies and thinking ''damn I look good'' haha, oh and one day i mightfeel like wearing something preppy and then next something more ''urbanish'', so I don't like defying my style as something specific!
Last but not least, I am a shoe fanatic! I don't have alot of shoes (according to my fellow shoe addicts sister and older brother), the picture with my converse is from last year and yes I have even more pairs.
Sorry for some of the awkward poses haha, and you can find majority of these photos and more in my instagram @alberttoo.

On another note, I just started work this monday as a course maintenance guy I suppose it's called (kentänhoitaja in Finnish) at Master Golf in Espoo. All my work day's start at 6 in the morning, but guess what I already got used to it and enjoy it so far! I get to be out in the sun the whole day and do some manly work while driving around buggies and golf carts, it's great so far haha...but I'll try to work on pictures and so on , so I dont have to resort to old photos! 

so later people!


  1. Hahah love the text :)
    And the pics are good too..with your awesome style!! I´m adding your blog to mine..right under mom... :)
    Keep em comin bro!!

    1. thanks dude! (shhh... :D)
      give me like a shoutout or something, that would be cool!:) ill feature you and mom abit later also!

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  3. WONDERFUL pics Aleksi, I just added your blog to mine...I like your style but that you already know.
    Nice to hear that your summer job is ok! Have a good weekend, waiting for more pics.