Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hey to everyone and anyone who is going to see this this, I just want to kick this off with saying i'm not hundred percent sure what you will be getting in this blog but i know it will be me and what my life includes and what is happening in it.
So my name is Aleksi or Allu as everyone call's me, i'm 22 years (very soon 23) and i live in Porvoo where i study international business at Haaga-Helia. How i got here? that's a long story and ill give you the details over time but i will tell you this, i'm originally born in Kotka, Finland, i've lived almsot ten years abroad (all in asia and i can post about that later) then lately in Espoo, Finland and now in little Porvoo where i have come to study.
I might not be the most exciting, intriguing or hell even fashionable if that's what some of you want but i can assure you I have some interesting stuff and stories to share. Otherwise i wouldnt be here writing to you come with me (clishe's all around haha).

p.s. i guess im making this mostly for myself as i want to look back at myself, what i did, with who and what i looked like.

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