Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hello, so as I mentioned before, this summer I'm back in Espoo living with my friend Juho and his family. However I have my own place in Porvoo where I study, a student apartment to be exact and I have a roomate who we share the apartment with if you will. It's split up so that when you walk in we have a shared entry way where is the bathroom/shower and a small closet and then we each have our own rooms and then a shared kitchen.
I made a point of trying to make my room as cozy as possible for me, as moving into a new city and not knowing anyone i could have my little retreat where i could be comfortable atleast (not a knock on Porvoo i'm enjoying it with or without the room!). So of course i had  to decorate the place nice as possible and I have lived previously on my own so i had a good set of furniture and other textiles to decorate it!

However keep in mind it is still a sutdent apartment and theres a certain amount i'm allowed to do to it (the shelves on the wall are not allowed haha) and it's not the greatest, but it's home and people told me especially girl's that it looks much better than their apartments!

I bought the table from IKEA right before i moved in

The cabinet on the left is also from IKEA since i couldnt fit all my clothes into the shared closet haha.

 Sorry for the fact that the picture's are so dim, i dont like big ceileing lamps and like to keep it abit darker as it's more cosy especially in the winter when these photos were taken. However i do love sunligh and when it shines in, dont get me wrong! I'm planning on switching up my room and the position of the furniture when i get back to Porvoo in August/September. I can't wait!


  1. thanks! i have to switch it up abit when i get back, got bored of it.